Why Every New Parent Should Learn First Aid?

Parents First Aid Training - CPR SelectYou just had your first baby and everything is perfect. He or she is a healthy, beautiful, bundle of joy and unconditional love.

At this wonderful stage of life, many parents don’t want to even consider the worst happening. But the truth is, babies are very prone to choking, cessation of breathing and all kinds of mishaps. That’s why it’s best for parents to be prepared by taking First Aid Classes to assure they have a working knowledge of child first aid training.

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How to Find If My CPR Certification is Valid?

CPR Training Claases - CPR SelectImagine, you have just found the career of your dreams. But the company you are looking to work for requires a CPR certification. You’ve learned CPR, but is your certification still valid? How would you be able to know?

CPR is a valuable skill. It can come in handy on a day to day basis if a medical emergency occurs unexpectedly. It can also be useful in several career fields including childcare, service-related industries and any jobs in the medical field.

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