ACLS vs. BLS: What Are the Key Differences?

acls vs bls

Many people suffer from different illnesses that cause life-threatening problems. Medical professionals try their best to save their patients till the last phase. Basic Life Support (BLS) and Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) are both supportive treatments medical professionals give for cardiac arrest patients and victims of severe injuries. The objective of both ACLS and … Read more

BLS Recertification vs. Initial BLS Certification

BLS Recertification vs Initial BLS Certification

Basic Life Support is designed to build confidence in performing CPR for Adults (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) with advanced airway, rescue breathing, foreign-body airway obstruction, and skills in effective team dynamics with a duty to respond. It teaches the crucial steps to perform a quick assessment and defibrillation, including using an Automated External Defibrillator. Before, most CPR … Read more

What is BLS Certification?

bls certification

If you’ve been interested in learning First Aid and how to perform CPR, you may probably come across the acronym BLS in your study. These are basic, foundational certification for healthcare providers that are strongly recommended. Becoming certified in BLS can be a huge benefit even if your job doesn’t require you to save lives. … Read more

Why CPR and First Aid Training Essential for Babysitting Jobs?

Why Is CPR and First Aid Training Essential for the Babysitting Job

These days, CPR and first aid skills are essential for parents, guardians, and even babysitter and child care providers. CPR is one of the most critical life-saving procedures for babysitting jobs. It provides lifesaving skills on how to help victims during cardiac arrest, drowning, and choking. Failure to receive the necessary help during an emergency can result in death within minutes.

First aid training courses cover a wide range of health emergencies, their prevention, and how to attend to them. These include all types of medical emergencies such as excessive bleeding, fractures, sprains, burns, fainting, nose bleeding, animal bites, cuts, bruises, head injuries, and different wounds. Application of the wrong procedure can lead to further damage and injuries to the victim. Given the nature of children, babysitters should be confident of their help, depending on the type of injury.

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First Aid Tips To Treat External Bleeding

Health emergencies involving injuries such as chest and chest injury may cause hemorrhage or severe bleeding. This can be life-threatening, and it requires medical attention. First aid training enables individuals to get prepared to handle such emergencies. The main goal of first aid is to preserve lives, prevent any further harm, and promote the recovery … Read more

How to Treat a Conscious and Unconscious Choking Person?

CPR for Choking Person

Choking due to severe upper airway obstruction is a life-threatening medical emergency that requires fast, appropriate action by anyone available. It can cause a simple coughing fit, but complete blockage of the airway may lead to death. Unfortunately, the emergency medical services team may not arrive in time to save a choking person’s life, so … Read more

Online vs. Classroom CPR Training: Which is Better?

Before taking First Aid training and CPR training classes, you have to put into consideration first whether if you want to do it in a classroom setting or the online method. For the smooth online training classes, you must have either a laptop or a smartphone, with access to a good internet facility to avoid … Read more

How to Perform CPR on Adult & Child– Priceless Information for Professionals

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is an essential lifesaving procedure that combines chest compressions and artificial ventilation. People who work in the health care and service industry are strongly encouraged to have knowledge of basic life support so they may assist any member of the public in the event of a cardiac emergency, heart attack, or near-drowning. … Read more

How to Handle A Heart Attack? Know the Symptoms and Proper Treatment

A heart attack is a life-threatening medical emergency that most people worry about in their lifetime. It can be fatal if not treated immediately. A heart attack might damage heart tissue that the remaining heart muscle can’t pump enough blood out of your heart. However, quick action will give the treatment the best chance of … Read more