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Wow first aid trainer saves people life

first aid trainer saves people life


April 3, 2013

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First aid for a person on the verge of death may add a new life to the victim. There are several situations in which a precious life can be saved by giving timely first aid to the victim of an accident or a person seeking immediate CPR, or to a burnt patient. You might encounter any of these situations to yourself or some one around you on a freeway, working in factory, in a library or in a shopping mall.

So learning first aid techniques is of vital importance, you could be a hero for someone’s life if you know these techniques. You might have seen in movies that one of the actors has fallen and other is pushing his chest.  Have you ever thought of it what is it? Why it’s been done?  Well this method is known as CPR (Cardio pulmonary resuscitation)


CPR is an important part of first aid training and always saves lives. If you encounter a person fallen on floor in front of you having severe chest pain or unconscious he or she might be a victim of sudden cardiac arrest or choking.  In situation like these if you know how to administer CPR you may save his or her life.

What immediately required is to start performing CPR on the victim. Couple your hands and keep pushing until emergency medical team reaches the victim. Although only this can’t save victim’s life in every case and the ratio of survival for such patient is very low. Because this depends on a number of factors like what was the cause of cardiac arrest? How long the patient has been unconscious on the floor? Time taken by emergency medical service to reach the patient also plays a major role in emergency situations. Still this CPR may be a hope for the dying unconscious man.

Along with this there are don’ts of first aid in various situations. There is a large no of common myths that are fallacies wide spread and are mistakes made during giving the first aid. A common mistake made for a burnt or cut situation is application of butter to the victim which is absolutely wrong. Butter in the beginning can soothe the burnt area but will later melt down and being oily it traps the heat resulting in longer burning of the tissue.

Another austere mistaken situation is sucking the venom out in case of a snake bite. Never cut that part with knife and don’t try to suck the venom out. Venom spread in seconds via blood to other parts of body and even if you manage to suck out blood immediately after the bite, even then by sucking, it will penetrate in your body. By this method you might risk your life as well.

For instance if you are certified or have some formal first aid training you can better coupe in emergency situations like these.