Online CPR Certification vs. On-Campus CPR Training?

For one to take CPR training classes, they have to put into consideration whether to do it physically, also known as on-campus classes or the online method. For the smooth online training classes, one must have  either a laptop or a smartphone, with access of a good internet facility to avoid inconveniences during a course. In contrast, in on-campus training, one takes CPR training classes physically at the training centre. Whether one accepts the online or the on-campus CPR training depends on their own reasons and availability.

Some of the grounds where one may prefer online to on-campus include:

  • Online courses for CPR are easily accessible.
  • The time schedule of the one willing to take the online classes might be tight. It hence may not be able to access the on-campus training for CPR.
  • One can do the online course at their own pace.
  • Taking online classes for learning cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) skills is fast.

When Should Go for Online CPR Classes?

Not all people can show up for physical classes; some have tight work schedules and hence cannot attend on-campus CPR training classes. Hence, online CPR training is the best way, if they wish to learn Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation skills.

Why Employers Prefer CPR Certified Professionals?

Both online and on-campus training for the CPR training gives the same level of certification. Still, some employers, before hiring someone checks if one meets what is required to qualify for the job. So, before joining any CPR course, one has to make sure that the training is being conducted by a certified instructor. Most employers prefer people who have taken the classes physically, but some also accept online certifications if the person has taken the class form a major organization like American heart association or the American red cross and any other renowned organization. So before one takes either the on-campus or the online CPR certification classes, one has to put into consideration, the training must follow the latest AHA guidelines. 

Advantages of Online CPR Training Classes

  • One can learn at their own pace, start the training classes and the testing when they wish to take the training, and retake a test if they want to.
  • In online elearning classes, they use DVDs and recorded videos to learn one has to pause or replay the video if something is not clear to them.
  • Online CPR certification is convenient for a person if one prefers taking the training classes at night or daytime, or morning. The online courses are convenient for the people wishing to take the CPR training that is suitable for them.
  • In the online class, one can repeat the video several times for further understanding.
  • After taking the online CPR certification, one can access their certification card, valid for two years, and training materials from the training center’s website. One can log in to their accounts and access their certification cards, and if they require it in a hard copy format, they can print it out.
  • In online CPR certification, since the skills are taught virtually through videos, there is no skill evaluation in online training.
  • Online CPR certification is fast and is easily accessible from the remote place.

Which between the online and on-campus training favors one schedule?

In online training for CPR, one can take the training class at their own time, one can also download a video and watch it later. Some people understand better in the morning, others at night. People prefer learning at the time when their concentration is high and can understand better. This makes online training better since one is able to learn at his own pace from anywhere at any time. If one feels they are ready to take a test they can do; unlike the on-campus training. The students take the test as scheduled by the training centre, and one has to attend the classes as scheduled by the CPR training centre. In on-campus training, one has to depend on the physical attendance of the courses to get trained.

Disadvantages of on-campus CPR training

In on-campus CPR training is the most effective method but has its own disadvantages and advantages; these disadvantages may include:

  • For attendance of the on-campus training session, one has to attend the training classes as scheduled by the training centre, and the specified location where the training for CPR is being offered unlike in online training one can attend his or her training session at his own suitable time and at any place provided he or she has an electronic gadget that is able to access the training website and strong internet access he or she is good to go for the online training 
  • In on-campus training, more time is taken during these physical classes, you find that in physical classes they engage themselves in many activities such as asking questions, you also find that the certified instructor teaches without eliminating anything they don’t consider if one is good at the subject unlike in an online class if one is good at a subject and is not willing to repeat  the subject he or she can skip the subject this reduces the time taken in learning  CPR and makes online training less time consuming.
  • A student undertaking the online CPR/AED certification classes cannot practice the skill they have learned from the video; unlike on-campus training, one can practice the talent you have learned.
  • In on-campus CPR training, if something is vague to the student in a demonstration, they can ask the certified instructor which is difficult in Online CPR classes.

Advantages of on-campus CPR training

  • In an on-campus training, one can ask a question to the instructor directly if something or information is not clear one can seek clarification, unlike in an online class
  • One can demonstrate the skills they have learned from the on-campus training in Infront of the whole class. If one incorrectly does the practical, they can be corrected by the instructor. This ensures that one gets the correct training. Their level of expertise is better than taking online training since the one taking online activity makes a mistake. No one is there to see the error and correct it.


Online vs. on-campus training for CPR training both offer the same level of certification, and both have their own advantages and disadvantages. Before one chooses the method or she wishes to use to train for CPR, he has to have his or her own reasons might include :

  • If the method used to access the CPR training meets the employer’s requirements, they go with the approach that meets the employer’s needs.
  • If the method they are using to train for the cardiopulmonary resuscitation fits in their schedule.
  •  Suppose there are available training centres at your place. In that case, if one wishes to take the on-campus training classes, one can take the online courses for CPR training.
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