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Tips To Prevent Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Risk

Bloodborne Pathogen Training and Tips To Prevent Exposure Risk - CPR SELECT

You may have been asked to enroll in a Bloodborne pathogens certification or bloodborne pathogens training course for your job, and want to know what to expect in such training. We’ll discuss it in this article and give you tips on how to prevent bloodborne pathogen exposure risk. Bloodborne pathogens are amongst one of the … Read more

Bloodborne Pathogens- Know Your Risk

Bloodborne Pathogens

If you are working in a hospital, clinical lab, or another setting where you may come in contact with blood and other body fluids, you’re at risk of being exposed to Bloodborne Pathogens. It can cause severe and deadly diseases. To keep you safe from these infectious materials, staying informed about what BBP are and … Read more