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CPR For Parents: Why Every New Parent Should Learn CPR/First Aid Skills?

Why Every New Parent Should Learn CPR First Aid Skills

You just had your first baby, and everything is perfect. He or she is a healthy, beautiful bundle of joy and unconditional love. At this wonderful stage of life, many parents don’t even want to consider the worst happening. But the truth is, babies are very prone to choking, cessation of breathing, and all kinds of mishaps. That’s why learning CPR for parents is important; prepared by taking Child and Baby First Aid Classes to assure they have a working knowledge of child first aid training.

When it comes to babies’ First Aid Training, here are some things all parents should know.

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How to Apply First Aid and CPR to Children with Special Needs

How to Apply First Aid and CPR to Children with Special Health Care Needs- CPR SELECT

Accidents happen, especially when children are involved. Children are not always aware of the consequences of their actions and therefore are more likely to be accidentally injured than adults are. Children with special needs are especially prone to accidental injury as they are often in less control of their bodies than typically developing children are. When it comes to keeping children safe from injury or illness, their caregivers, teachers, coaches, and other adults are responsible for their well being. For children with special needs, the importance of having clear advocates for their physical health, when they are unable to do it themselves, becomes even more pronounced.

Children with Special Needs

Children with special needs fall onto a spectrum of required care, from those children who need very little assistance to those who need much more support. Children with special needs like Autism, Down syndrome, and ADHD, face several significant challenges in operating in a typical day, let alone when they are in an emergency medical situation. For these children, communication, self-regulation, and basic care can be challenging on any given day, and when extenuating circumstances arise, it’s all too easy for their physical health to suffer and their unique needs to fall between the cracks.

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