Best Advice About Becoming Online CPR Certified

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CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) is an essential skill in saving lives. When someone is unconscious, without a pulse and not breathing; CPR needs to be done as fast as possible. It could be in a case where they are in cardiac arrest or a drowning accident. If they don’t receive CPR within the first two minutes, their chances of survival reduce. In that case, it also means the person can get brain damage because of a lack of blood flow to the brain. CPR involves compressing the chest and the heart to enhance blood supply to the brain.

Some people ignore taking the CPR classes because they think it’s a waste of time, and it’s not essential considering they can use mouth-to-mouth technique to save a life. The mouth- to mouth is simple to apply and doesn’t need a certificate to perform it. However, the bad news is that the mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on its own is not effective in cases of sudden cardiac arrest.

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Tips to Reduce the Risk of Injuries and Heart Attack During the Holidays

Holiday Safety Tips - CPR Select

The holiday season is packed with activities as people join their loved ones for celebrations. The excitement and action that comes with holiday seasons can potentially lead to accidents. Health related emergencies occur unexpectedly, and it is important to avoid them.

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CPR Training Course, The Best Gift for Christmas

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CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) is one of the most critical life saving skills. It is performed on victims having the cardiac arrest to increase the chances of survival.

What Happens During Cardiac Arrest?

In cases of cardiac arrest, the victim is unconscious, without a heartbeat and not breathing. When the condition occurs, the heart is not pumping blood and there is shortage of oxygen within major organs.

Cardiac arrest, occurs due to the sudden loss of blood-flow resulting from the failure of heart to pump properly. Heart attack occurs when blood flow to a specific part of the heart is blocked.

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Importance of First Aid & CPR Training for Nursing Students

CPR Training for Nursing - CPR Select

First aid is an essential part of medical care. Nursing students are exposed to their work environment right from the moment they start their training. Students already trained in handling different health emergencies are always at an advantage. The first aid course and CPR training relate to the duties and roles of nurses. They are usually the first responders when medical emergencies occur. The nature of the work of nurses makes it necessary for them to be conversant with the essential early medical care skills. 

The first care or assistance given to patients can hasten their recovery. In cases where the first aid provided is not professional patients end up worsening and taking longer times to recover. In other cases, the patient might also die or incur complications due to poor management attracting lawsuits from the family.

When a nursing student comes to face with an emergency, they need to think and act fast to save lives. The ability to manage a crisis, like COVID-19, is highly dependent on the level of skills and experience. The CPR and first aid training offer both expertise and hands-on experience for the management of different health emergencies. Patients have expectations of getting immediate assistance from the staff they interact within hospitals. Moreover, running around to call for help leaving victims in critical conditions paints a bad image on the competence levels of the hospital.

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CPR vs Rescue Breathing: The Basic Difference

CPR vs Rescue Breathing - CPR Select

CPR and rescue breathing are techniques useful in saving lives of persons experiencing cardiac arrest and those with difficulties in breathing. These two are the basic first aid skills learnt during the CPR training. CPR and rescue breath perform complimentary but plays a different roles in the victim’s body.

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Difference Between CPR Training for Children and Infants

Robert E. O ’Connor of the University of Virginia school of medicine researched Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation in Infants and Children in which the results showed a worrying trend. The rates of mortality among infants and children who have been exposed to cardiac arrest while outside the hospital stood at 80 to 97% against 40 to 65% for those in the hospital.

Whilst the search engine is registering an increase in online CPR certification near me searches, there is still the need for certified CPR practitioners especially for children and infants. The physical-biological characteristics and natural habits put children and infants at a greater need for CPR.

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The Importance Of Online CPR Certification

Online CPR Certification - CPR Select

A research carried out by Very Well Health states that 90% of the people who become victims of cardiac arrest die before reaching the hospital. If a CPR is administered within the first two minutes of the attack, then the chances of survival will be increased by at least 200%. This goes a long way into stating the importance of CPR training.

CPR certification is becoming popular because more people are realizing the need to be trained. Learning how to properly perform a CPR more valuable in an office, home or any other place with people. The good news about this is that CPR certification has been made more available and convenient for anyone given the availability of both online and physical CPR classes.

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