What Are Your Safety Goals for the New Year?

Safety Goals for New Year - CPR Select

Goals and visions provide us with direction to dedicate our time and resources. Unfortunately, not many people consider safety as part of their new year’s resolutions. We are surrounded by many risks which are likely to affect our health. These include health hazards and security risks. Our safety should always come as a priority whenever we think of new year resolutions.

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Basic Life Support: 7 Life Saving Skills That Everyone Should Know

7 Life Saving Skills That Everyone Should Know

You never know when you can find yourself faced with an emergency situation. It could be that someone you are with is injured or in trouble, or you could encounter a stranger who needs medical attention. Regardless of the circumstances, acting in an emergency and saving a life is an invaluable skill that everyone should … Read more

Basic First Aid Tips For A Dog Bite

Basic First Aid Tips For A Dog Bite

In the United States, dog bite injuries stand at 4.5 million annually, with half of the victims being children aged 5-9 years. Some bites barely break the skin, while others are severe and deadly serious. An animal bite can also cause medical problems that are not presently obvious, such as rabies

If you are a parent, teacher, pet owner, or anyone who is always outdoor and interacts with dogs, this post will teach you everything you need to know bout dog bites; types of dog bites, symptoms, first aid treatment, and prevention.

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Necessary Items You Should Have In Your First Aid Kit

Necessary Items You Should Have In Your First Aid Kit

First aid kit contains a set of medical supplies and other equipment used to administer first aid to an injured person during an emergency situation. It’s essential to keep a first aid kit readily available in your home, cottage, car, boat, workplace, and recreation area so you can deal with minor accidents and injuries. A … Read more

How You Should Treat Anxiety Disorders?

Anxiety is a form of mental disorder. It draws feelings of fear, anxiety, and worry that affects the person’s ability to lead a healthy life. Persons with the condition struggle with suicidal thoughts, panic attacks, and self-injury. When such episodes occur, the individual should receive first aid to calm down. However, the first aid offered given should be followed by specialized medical help.

There Is a Wide Range of Anxiety Disorders, Including:

  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder
  • Social anxiety/ social phobia
  • Generalized anxiety disorder
  • Panic disorder
  • Specific phobias

The causes of anxiety disorders are not definite to identify. Health specialists have, however, identified some risk factors.

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5 Types of First Aid Courses

First aid rescuers are needed anywhere in public in times of medical emergencies. If someone needs medical help, it can take time for emergency medical services to arrive. Providing proper medical care and first aid treatment can prolong life until the emergency services team arrives, increasing the chances of survival.

It is essential to get the right level of training for your first aid skills. But with the number of different first aid training courses available, how do you know which type of first aid course you need? Below graphical representation shows the five most common first aid courses:

Types of First Aid Courses

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Dispelling The Common First Aid Myths

Proper first aid training and acquiring certification are the best ways to know how to respond properly in the event of an emergency. First aid treatment can be very effective and even help save a life if administered correctly. So empowering yourself by getting properly certified in First Aid is a valuable asset indeed. A number of myths exist when it comes to First aid treatment and we’ll attempt to dispel some of these more common beliefs below.

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What To Do In A Medical Emergency?

At some point in your lifetime, you will need to use first aid– whether it’s for a clumsy child who has cut themselves while playing, or for an elderly parent who has fallen and can’t get up. But do you know what to do when faced with a medical emergency, or how to recognize when the situation can’t be solved with aspirin and a Band-Aid? Read on to learn how to recognize a life-threatening situation, and what to do if you encounter one.

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Seven Ways First Aid Training Will Help Your Business

Not all working stations are dangerous, but the law holds all employers responsible for their worker’s safety. Other than improving safety awareness on job-related hazards, the best way to meet the moral and legal obligation is by training employees on ways to provide first aid. It starts with selecting departmental representatives to take first aid training and perhaps increase the number when the need arises. In modern learning, workers need not attend convention training thanks to the online courses that facilitate first aid certification programs. However, is the training necessary? Let us delve into the reasons.

1. It saves lives during emergencies

The ultimate goal of first aid training is to save lives in an event of an accident. First aid certification gives the trained lot the confidence required to gets fast response when an injury, illness or an accident occurs. For instance, CPR training helps in resuscitating victims of heart attacks. It is hard to predict when such situations will happen and are most likely to occur in the absence of trained medical staff. With adequate training on your employees, you will probably reduce the fatalities in the workplace.

2. Lowers workplace incidents

While the training is aimed at saving lives, one cannot wish away the immense awareness it spreads across the workplace. The modules cover different ways that staff can avert the accidents, which goes a long way towards avoiding the injuries. They can spot site hazards and deal with them before the accidents. They understand the working environment, hence likely to raise issues quickly triggering preventive measures.  It explains why most companies have adopted safety as the primary objective that workers need to meet.

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