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Importance of First Aid & CPR Training for Nursing Students

Importance of First Aid & CPR Training for Nursing Students

CPR and First aid are essential parts of medical care, whether you work in a nursing home, doctor’s office, hospital, and other clinical setting. Nursing students are exposed to their work environment from the moment they start their medical training. Students already trained in handling different health emergencies are always at an advantage. The first … Read more

5 Common Sports Injuries and Their First Aid Treatment

Sports Injuries First Aid

Accidents are prevalent in Sports. However, some accidents are avoidable by properly implementing accident prevention strategies. During sporting activities, organizers should have a response team and well-stocked first aid kits to act first when someone has sports injuries. There are different types of sports injuries, and the first aid given is dependent on the type … Read more

5 Different Types of First Aid Shocks (Symptoms and Treatment)

5 Different Types of First Aid Shocks Symptoms and Treatment

Most people define “shock” as emotional distress or sudden fright in response to a traumatic event. But in medical terms, first aid shock is a life-threatening medical condition where the victim does not have enough blood circulating the body. If the flow of blood is not restored, the victim may die due to a lack … Read more

CPR For Parents: Why Every New Parent Should Learn CPR/First Aid Skills?

Why Every New Parent Should Learn CPR First Aid Skills

You just had your first baby, and everything is perfect. He or she is a healthy, beautiful bundle of joy and unconditional love. At this wonderful stage of life, many parents don’t even want to consider the worst happening. But the truth is, babies are very prone to choking, cessation of breathing, and all kinds of mishaps. That’s why learning CPR for parents is important; prepared by taking Child and Baby First Aid Classes to assure they have a working knowledge of child first aid training.

When it comes to babies’ First Aid Training, here are some things all parents should know.

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First Aid Training: 7 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Ignore It

first aid training

First Aid is a common term, but not everyone understands it; unless you’re in a field where it’s necessary.  Most people don’t think about it if they are not a healthcare providers, or medical personnel and don’t give medical services. Unfortunately, unawareness is not good, especially where illness or injury are concerned. Is there a … Read more

Tips to Reduce Heart Attack and Accidents During the Holidays

heart attack

The holiday season is packed with activities as people join their loved ones for celebrations. The excitement and action that comes with holiday seasons can potentially lead to accidents. Health-related emergencies occur unexpectedly, and it is important to avoid them. Here’s how you can reduce heart attack and other accidents during the holidays.

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Tips for Performing First Aid for Cancer Patients

first aid

Cancer is a life-threatening condition that disrupts the patient’s physical and mental wellbeing. Side effects from cancer treatment, painful procedures, financial burden, and difficult decision-making also affect the patient. Types of cancer cells and stages of cancer are the most critical factors in determining the survival rate. Here are the tips for performing first aid … Read more

First Aid Tips for Nosebleeds in Kids

First Aid Tips for Nosebleeds in Kids - CPR SELECT

Nosebleeds are common in children, and can be caused by a number of ways. A strong blow to the nose, poking and picking nostrils, and blowing too hard can all trigger a nosebleed. Other times, such nosebleeds in kids have no apparent cause. However they come about, the bleeding can appear very heavy because the nostrils have a large supply of blood vessels that are close to its surface. Children experience frequent nosebleeds but sometimes it can be dangerous. By applying some basic first aid treatment and having the proper first aid training, it’s possible to treat nosebleeds in children easily.

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