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What Do You Learn in CPR and First Aid Training?

What Do You Learn in CPR and First Aid Training- CPR SELECT (1)

CPR and first aid training courses are all about getting ready for unexpected and tragic situations. The practice offers the skills and understanding necessary to deal with life-threatening emergencies. Online CPR/AED certification helps interested persons attain the basic knowledge required in attending to cardiac arrest emergencies. CPR and first aid courses encompass different lifesaving skills. … Read more

Tips for Performing First Aid for Cancer Patients

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Cancer is a life-threatening condition that disrupts the patient’s physical and mental wellbeing. Side effects from cancer treatment, painful procedures, financial burden, and difficult decision-making also affect the patient. Types of cancer cells and stages of cancer are the most critical factors in determining the survival rate. Here are the tips for performing first aid … Read more

First Aid Tips for Nosebleeds in Kids

First Aid Tips for Nosebleeds in Kids - CPR SELECT

Nosebleeds are common in children, and can be caused by a number of ways. A strong blow to the nose, poking and picking nostrils, and blowing too hard can all trigger a nosebleed. Other times, such nosebleeds in kids have no apparent cause. However they come about, the bleeding can appear very heavy because the nostrils have a large supply of blood vessels that are close to its surface. Children experience frequent nosebleeds but sometimes it can be dangerous. By applying some basic first aid treatment and having the proper first aid training, it’s possible to treat nosebleeds in children easily.

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Dispelling The 10 Common First Aid Myths

Dispelling The Common First Aid Myths - CPR SELECT

Proper first aid training and acquiring certification are the best ways to know how to respond properly in the event of an emergency. First aid treatment can be very effective and even help save a life if administered correctly. So empowering yourself by getting properly certified in First Aid is a valuable asset indeed. A number of first aid myths exist when it comes to First aid treatment and we’ll attempt to dispel some of these more common beliefs below.

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What Topics To Cover in First Aid Training Course?

First Aid Training Course

What to Expect during First Aid Training

You’ve enrolled for some First Aid Classes and you’re not quite sure what to expect. Granted, First Aid training could be the most important course you’ll ever take. Should an emergency arise, you will be armed with the knowledge and confidence to administer potentially lifesaving procedures and assistance. Although much of First Aid Training is initiated by an employer or workplace, knowing these skills are entirely invaluable for everyday scenarios and all individuals are welcomed at training.

Knowing in advance what to expect and what kinds of information might be included in a First Aid Class is helpful and by being prepared in advance, can only serve to help you excel at your First Aid Course.

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How to Apply First Aid and CPR to Children with Special Needs

How to Apply First Aid and CPR to Children with Special Health Care Needs- CPR SELECT

Accidents happen, especially when children are involved. Children are not always aware of the consequences of their actions and therefore are more likely to be accidentally injured than adults are. Children with special needs are especially prone to accidental injury as they are often in less control of their bodies than typically developing children are. When it comes to keeping children safe from injury or illness, their caregivers, teachers, coaches, and other adults are responsible for their well being. For children with special needs, the importance of having clear advocates for their physical health, when they are unable to do it themselves, becomes even more pronounced.

Children with Special Needs

Children with special needs fall onto a spectrum of required care, from those children who need very little assistance to those who need much more support. Children with special needs like Autism, Down syndrome, and ADHD, face several significant challenges in operating in a typical day, let alone when they are in an emergency medical situation. For these children, communication, self-regulation, and basic care can be challenging on any given day, and when extenuating circumstances arise, it’s all too easy for their physical health to suffer and their unique needs to fall between the cracks.

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How to Become a First Aid Training Instructor?

How to Become a First Aid Training Instructor- CPR SELECT

Knowledge of first aid skills can benefit any individual during emergency. While it’s good to have a grasp on the basics by taking a first aid course, it’s even more beneficial to become a training instructor yourself. This article examines the advantages of becoming a first aid trainer as well as the ways to become certified and how to teach first aid to others.

Why You Should Become a First Aid Training Instructor?

In addition to regular training, it’s a smart idea to receive first aid certification as an instructor as well. When there are a greater number of first aid instructors in the world, they can teach life-saving skills to more people, giving a wider audience the tools they need to help in an emergency. It’s well worth it to become an expert in the skills required to save lives or help someone who is injured, and completing first aid training to become an instructor is a great use of your time and resources.

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7 Ways First Aid Training Will Help Your Business

Seven Ways First Aid Training Will Help Your Business

Not all working stations are dangerous, but the law holds all employers responsible for their worker’s safety. Other than improving safety awareness on job-related hazards, the best way to meet the moral and legal obligation is by training employees on ways to provide first aid training. It starts with selecting departmental representatives to take first aid training and perhaps increase the number when the need arises. In modern learning, workers need not attend convention training thanks to the online courses that facilitate first aid certification programs. However, is the training necessary? Let us delve into the reasons.

Ways First Aid Training Will Help Your Business

1. It saves lives during emergencies

The ultimate goal of first aid training is to save lives in an event of an accident. First aid certification gives the trained lot the confidence required to gets fast response when an injury, illness or an accident occurs. For instance, CPR training helps in resuscitating victims of heart attacks. It is hard to predict when such situations will happen and are most likely to occur in the absence of trained medical staff. With adequate training on your employees, you will probably reduce the fatalities in the workplace.

2. Lowers workplace incidents

While the training is aimed at saving lives, one cannot wish away the immense awareness it spreads across the workplace. The modules cover different ways that staff can avert the accidents, which goes a long way towards avoiding the injuries. They can spot site hazards and deal with them before the accidents. They understand the working environment, hence likely to raise issues quickly triggering preventive measures.  It explains why most companies have adopted safety as the primary objective that workers need to meet.

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