What Is the Difference Between CPR and Rescue Breathing?

Difference Between CPR and Rescue Breathing - CPR Select

CPR and rescue breathing are techniques useful in saving lives of persons experiencing cardiac arrest and those with difficulties in breathing. These two are the basic first aid skills learnt during the CPR training. CPR and rescue breath perform complimentary but plays a different roles in the victim’s body.

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An Essential Guide to CPR and First Aid

CPR Certification - CPR Select

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is a first aid skill essential for life-threatening emergency cases. CPR is performed to revive someone whose heart has stopped beating and has stopped breathing. The procedure ensures the restoration of oxygen supply to the brain. It applies to patients and victims of suffocation, neck or head injury, drowning, choking, heart attack, or cardiac arrest incidences, among others.

Everyone needs to acquire these life-saving skills through training, which is available even on CPR online certification and first aid certification programs. When encountered with such an emergency, every second counts in saving a person’s life. Earlier administration of CPR increases the chances of survival of the person. It is essential to perform CPR within the first ten minutes after the incident occurs. If the brain oxygen supply is cut off for ten minutes, the person can have permanent brain damage with almost zero chances of survival.

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