Online vs. Classroom CPR Training: Which is Better?

Before taking First Aid training and CPR training classes, you have to put into consideration first whether if you want to do it in a classroom setting or the online method. For the smooth online training classes, you must have either a laptop or a smartphone, with access to a good internet facility to avoid … Read more

Why is Online CPR Training Successful During the Covid-19 Pandemic?

Why is Online CPR Training Successful During the Covid-19 Pandemic

In most cases, emergencies like cardiac arrest happen when someone is outside the hospital. In such instances, a medical professional may not be nearby to help. One phenomenon that has been evident during the Covid-19 pandemic is the constant need for learning. Safety and preparedness have become paramount during these concerning times. CPR training is … Read more

Key Steps to Deal With Health Emergencies

Skills on how to handle different emergencies and first aid treatment are quite beneficial. They not only offer you the confidence to act but also inform you of what to do to save your life and those of others in case of emergencies. 

Some emergencies require quick action, especially those involving the loss of life and property. Training related to emergency response, life skills, and first aid is available online for interested persons without any limitations of age or education.

First aid training offers skills on a wide range of health-related emergencies such as choking, burns, cardiac arrest/ heart attack, bleeding, seizures, stroke, sprains, and heat-related injuries.

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What Do You Learn in CPR and First Aid Training?

CPR and first aid training courses are all about getting ready for unexpected and tragic situations. The practice offers the skills and understanding necessary to deal with life-threatening emergencies. Online CPR/AED certification helps interested persons attain the basic knowledge required in attending to cardiac arrest emergencies. CPR and first aid courses encompass different lifesaving skills. … Read more