How To Choose The Right AED Device?

If your organization has decided to purchase and set up an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) in your environment you’re joining the ranks of well-prepared public settings everywhere. From schools to airports to shopping malls and workplaces, AEDs are becoming the norm in well-equipped, safe public environments across the world. Having an AED at your fingertips in the case of a cardiac arrest emergency will make your organization one of the leaders in proactive health care, and adding this type of equipment to your setting is a great asset to have.

AED Manufacturer Support

When choosing the right AED for your environment you’ll want to focus mainly on the manufacturer of the device. An AED can last upwards of ten years but will need some regular maintenance and care during this time. AEDs require replacement pads and batteries over the course of their lifespan and it’s the manufacturer that will supply these for your device. The manufacturer will also assist in the proper set up of your AED and is able to provide support and assistance, including Program Management and Physician supervision of your device.

AED Certification and Training

Regardless which AED product you choose for your environment it’s crucial to complete a CPR AED Certification program where you’ll receive proper AED training so that you are fully versed in how to use the equipment. Even without training a person is able to use an AED because the machine itself will verbally walk a person through the steps needed for use, but full training is the best option, especially for key people in the organization who may be appointed as health and safety officers within the company.

AED Manufacturer Recommendation

There are several AED manufacturer’s in the marketplace but the clear leader is Philips. Philips has been the forerunner of medical corporations since the late 1800s and they have pioneered the world of AEDs used in public settings. Philips is a leader the market in providing AED devices to settings around the world. Philips has their own cardiac department which puts them at the leading edge of technology and makes their AED products a superior choice. You can rest assured that you’ve purchased the best quality and most reliable equipment when you buy a Philips AED device because they have the lowest number of manufacturer recalls.

Philips AEDs were the first to be used in a public space in Chicago’s O’Hare airport where they’ve saved 60 lives to date. Their AED are also available on American Airlines flights to provide life-saving measures while in flight where no other medical assistance is available.

Choose an AED that’s reliable with a proven track record of saving lives and few recalls. You’ll want an AED that you can count on when you need to use it and when your device requires any maintenance. A Philips brand AED is a solid choice for a reputable device from the leading company in the AED and medical marketplace.