CPR Practice Tests (25 Questions)

Partake in our free CPR practice test, which also covers AED & First Aid, to prime you for our official online CPR, AED & First Aid exam. Our CPR quiz is crafted with 25 multiple-choice CPR questions, ensuring you're thoroughly tested on crucial aspects.

These CPR test questions and answers are curated directly from the CPR, AED & First Aid provider handbook, strictly following the latest ILCOR and ECC and AHA guidelines. If you're seeking a comprehensive CPR test to gauge your knowledge, our free CPR practice test is the ideal tool for you. Dive in and challenge yourself with our CPR questions today.

Pass CPR quizzes (80% or higher score) and get 10% off your CPR/BLS certification with us. Just send a screenshot of your scores to the support email address.
Basic Life Support
Basic Life Support Practice Exam / Quiz (Comprehensive)
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CPR/AED (Health Care Providers)
CPR/AED Practice Exam / Quiz
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Basic First Aid
Basic First Aid Practice Exam / Quiz (Comprehensive)
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Bloodborne Pathogens
BBP Practice Exam / Quiz (Comprehensive)
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CPR/AED (Community and Workplace)
CPR/AED for Workplace Practice Exam (Comprehensive)
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Infant CPR
Infant CPR/AED Practice Test (Comprehensive)
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HIPAA Practice Exam / Quiz (Comprehensive)
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Check out our free CPR Certification course to enhance your lifesaving knowledge. This free course doesn't provide certification, but it will be an essential tool to help you pass the CPR Certification test.