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Enroll in our CPR and First Aid Certification Class for $34.95. Learn essential CPR and AED techniques and receive your Certificate and Wallet Card instantly upon completion!" suitable for all age groups, from infants and children to adults.

Crafted by American Heart Association (AHA) trained physicians, our online CPR and First Aid certification course combines expert knowledge with practical application. You'll learn from professionals who have real-world experience in emergency medicine, ensuring that the skills you acquire are not only up-to-date but also grounded in the latest medical practices and guidelines.

By enrolling in our online CPR and First Aid course, you'll not only gain the knowledge and skills needed to respond to emergencies but also contribute to creating safer communities. Whether it's administering CPR to a person in cardiac arrest or providing first aid to someone in need, the confidence and competence you'll gain from this course can make a significant difference in critical moments.

Don't wait until an emergency occurs – enroll in our CPR and First Aid Certification Online program today and empower yourself to be a life-saving hero in any situation.

5 star
The CPR and First Aid Certification Online program exceeded my expectations. The course provided a thorough understanding of life-saving techniques, including CPR, AED operation, and comprehensive First Aid practices for all age groups.
Lynette B.
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5 star
The course allowed me to overcome the fear of emergency unpreparedness with this Online CPR and First Aid Certification' course, which was designed to instill clarity and depth in my emergency response skills.
Simeon L.
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Online CPR and First Aid Certification Course Highlights

  • Our course's highlights include detailed Online CPR and First Aid Training, encompassing advanced emergency response techniques, and crucial first aid treatments such as bandaging and wound care, blending theory with practice.
  • Linking theory with practice, our course emphasizes real-life scenarios, preparing learners for emergencies they might face in everyday situations.
  • Tailored to meet the needs of diverse audiences, our course holds high relevance for emergency responders, while also being accessible and informative for the general public.
  • The course is reasonably priced to ensure accessibility, without sacrificing quality. This can help to encourage more people to take the course and increase overall preparedness for emergency situations.
  • The essential medical aid skills course follows the latest cognitive guidelines published by American Heart Association to ensure that the course content and certification meet industry standards.
  • Our exclusively online CPR and First Aid certification courses are accessible from anywhere, making us your most convenient choice.

What is an Online CPR and First Aid Certification Course?

Online CPR and First Aid Certification Course is an online certification program designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to respond effectively in emergency situations. This course covers the critical techniques of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and first aid treatments such as bandaging and wound care, blending theory with practice.
How many modules are there in Online CPR and First Aid Course?
Online CPR and First Aid Course comprises 28 modules, ensuring thorough coverage of essential First Aid skills and techniques. Other courses, like those provided by organizations like the Red Cross, typically have 12 modules.
What Does CPR and First Aid certified mean?
Being CPR and First Aid certified means that an individual has successfully completed training courses in CPR and First Aid, demonstrating their knowledge and skills to respond effectively to medical emergencies.
CPR and First Aid Certification Testing Format
Our CPR and First Aid certification process includes a comprehensive online test to assess your understanding of the course material. The test format involves an online written examination consisting of 25 multiple-choice questions. There is no time limit, and you must score at least 70% to pass. Studying the course material thoroughly is crucial to passing the online CPR and First Aid certification test. Upon passing the test, you'll receive your certification immediately.
How long does it take to get CPR and First Aid certified online?
The time it takes to get certified online in CPR and First Aid takes approximately 2 to 3 hours. This duration includes reviewing the instructional modules, quizzes, required assessments, and same-day certification. Compared to other popular online courses, our course is designed to be efficient without compromising the quality of training. Some other courses may take longer, ranging from 4 to 6 hours or more. Our streamlined approach ensures that participants acquire CPR skills and knowledge promptly while maintaining high training standards.
How much does Online CPR and First Aid Certification Cost?
CPR Select's Online CPR and First Aid Certification is competitively priced at $34.95.We offer Group Discount packages tailored to accommodate the diverse needs of both large and small groups. Organizations can benefit from the flexibility to customize a group account package that aligns seamlessly with their requirements, catering to groups ranging from ten members to ten thousand members.
Which is the cheapest CPR Certification Online?
CPR Select offers the cheapest CPR Certification online at the best value. The pricing for CPR and First Aid certification for other CPR training providers spans a range of approximately $50 to $150, encompassing both the training course and certification fees.
Are there any free CPR and First Aid certifications online?
No, official CPR and First Aid certifications typically require payment. While there are free online resources for learning CPR and First Aid, obtaining an official certification usually involves enrolling in a certified training program and paying for the associated course and exam fees.
Prompt Certification Delivery
You will receive your online CPR certification and free wallet card within 2 to 5 business days through first-class mail.

A Better Way with Video-Based Training

The courses offer interactive scenarios, videos, and adaptive learning to provide a personalized experience tailored to each participant's job role for enhanced understanding
What is Covered in CPR and First Aid Course?
Our comprehensive course offers a combined CPR AED First Aid Certification, equipping you with the skills and knowledge to respond effectively in a variety of emergency situations.
  1. New changes recommended in AHA official guidelines: Participants gain insights into recent CPR and AED protocol updates, emphasizing the significance of adhering to the American Heart Association's guidelines for optimal compressions.
  2. Good Samaritan Laws and Chain of Survival: Exploring legal protections for bystanders and the critical steps in the Chain of Survival, the course enhances participants' ability to respond effectively during cardiac arrest emergencies.
  3. Symptoms of Sudden Cardiac Arrest: The course provides an in-depth exploration of recognizing symptoms early, enabling participants to identify warning signs and respond promptly to sudden cardiac arrest.
  4. Universal Precautions - Emphasis is placed on protecting oneself during first aid interventions, focusing on using Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) to minimize the risk of potentially infectious materials.
  5. Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) - Participants receive quality training in administering CPR for diverse age groups, covering proper techniques and protocols for single and two rescuers and underscoring the critical importance of early access to medical attention.
  6. Adult, Child, and Infant CPR: Life-saving techniques for different age groups ensure participants learn the proper depth, speed of compressions, and appropriate actions during emergency situations.
  7. Treatment for Conscious and Unconscious Choking Victims: In-depth training covers the identification of symptoms, application of the Heimlich technique, and proper administration of CPR in cases of choking.
  8. Treatment for Choking Baby: Specialized instructions are provided on safe and effective measures to aid choking infants, incorporating techniques such as back blows and chest thrusts.
  9. Recovery Position: Participants are guided on placing unconscious victims in a recovery position to maintain clear airways, prevent choking, and address other medical emergency scenarios.
  10. Compression-Only CPR: Bystanders are encouraged to perform compression-only CPR on adults during cardiac arrest, following guidelines for delivering high-quality compressions with minimal interruptions.
  1. Bleeding Control: This topic covers the proper techniques for controlling severe bleeding, such as using direct pressure, elevating the affected limb, and applying a tourniquet.
  2. Shock Management: This topic covers the signs and symptoms of shock and the appropriate steps to take to manage a patient in shock, such as ensuring adequate oxygenation and maintaining body temperature.
  3. Choking and Airway Management: This topic covers the techniques for clearing airway obstructions, such as performing the Heimlich maneuver, as well as the use of basic airway adjuncts, such as the recovery position and head tilt chin lift.
  4. Burns: This topic covers the classification of burns, as well as the appropriate steps to take to treat burns, such as cooling the burn, covering the affected area with a sterile dressing, and administering pain relief medication.
  5. Fractures, Dislocations, and Sprains: This topic covers the identification and management of musculoskeletal injuries, such as fractures, dislocations, and sprains, including the use of immobilization techniques and the administration of pain relief medication.
  6. Types of Poisoning - Poisoning is also classified based on what is causing it. This First Aid training course section will teach you about common poisoning and emergency responses. The main ones include Food poisoning, Alcohol poisoning, Carbon monoxide poisoning, Sun poisoning, Plant poisoning, and chemical poisoning.
  7. Medical Emergencies: This topic covers the identification and management of common medical emergencies, such as cardiac arrest, asthma attacks, seizures, and allergic reactions, as well as the administration of appropriate medication.
  8. Environmental Emergencies: This topic covers the identification and management of environmental emergencies, such as heat exhaustion, hypothermia, and frostbite, including the use of appropriate interventions, such as rehydration and warming.
  9. Use of Automated External Defibrillator (AED): Participants gain proficiency in using AEDs to revive cardiac arrest victims, including proper pad placement and rhythm analysis.
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Begin with foundational CPR techniques, advance to in-depth first aid, and emerge as a confident emergency responder through our online certification.

How long does the CPR and First Aid Certification last?

Our CPR and First Aid Certification lasts for two years. This is to keep your critical skills up to par and ensure patient health. After this period, your certification will expire, and you must undergo recertification to maintain your certified status.


How To Renew CPR and First Aid Certification?

To renew your CPR and First Aid certification, adhere to the following steps:

  1. Identify reputable CPR training providers offering recertification courses, available either online or in person. ‍
  2. Choose the suitable CPR renewal course corresponding to your prior certification level. Ensure the refresher course adheres to American Heart Association guidelines and follows the OSHA Standard. ‍
  3. Enroll in your selected CPR recertification course. The renewal class encompasses a review of CPR techniques, a knowledge refresher, and practical skills practice. ‍
  4. Fulfill the requirements of the CPR recertification course, including demonstrating competence in CPR skills, passing a written exam, and meeting any specific recertification criteria stipulated by the provider. ‍
  5. Upon completing all requirements, you will be issued a renewed CPR completion card or certificate reflecting your updated certification status. This credential will remain valid for an additional two years.


Remember to check the specific requirements and guidelines of the organization providing the recertification course, as these may vary. Keeping CPR and First Aid certifications current is vital for maintaining readiness in responding to cardiac emergencies.

Is online CPR and First Aid Certification valid?

Yes, online CPR and First Aid certification is valid and widely accepted. Many reputable organizations, including the American Heart Association (AHA) and the Red Cross, offer accredited online courses. It's essential to choose a recognized and accredited provider to ensure the validity and acceptance of the certification.


Is Online CPR and First Aid Certification AHA approved?

No, The American Heart Association does not review or evaluate online CPR and First Aid courses that third parties like CPR Select offer. Our CPR and First Aid certification aligns with the most recent guidelines set by AHA and ECC/ILCOR, has received recognition as an equivalent course from various state departments, and enjoys acceptance from over 99% of employers nationwide.


Is Online CPR and First Aid Certification OSHA approved?

No, OSHA does not approve CPR and First Aid certification courses. However, OSHA may require certain workplaces to train employees in CPR and first aid. Our online CPR and First Aid courses follow guidelines recognized by OSHA and other regulatory requirements. You must check with your employer or specific employment requirements to ensure compliance with OSHA standards.


Is CPR Select Certification accepted in all US states and worldwide?

Yes, the CPR and First Aid Certification issued by CPR Select is accepted in all 50 states and internationally. Only the latest industry standards and healthcare guidelines from the American Heart Association and the American Red Cross guidelines are presented in our CPR certification courses.


Group CPR and First Aid Training:
Get Your Team Certified Online!

Act now! Book Group CPR and First Aid Training for your team to acquire lifesaving skills through a convenient and tailored program. With flexible online options, preparation has never been easier. Enhance teamwork, coordination, and create a safer environment. Empower your team to make a difference in critical moments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I take CPR and First Aid Course?

You should take CPR and First Aid course because timely and proficient action can be life-saving in emergencies. CPR, involving chest compressions and rescue breaths, is crucial for restoring blood circulation and oxygenation during cardiac events. First Aid encompasses a broader spectrum of immediate responses to injuries and health crises. Both are indispensable skills for individuals in various professional fields.

Why Choose CPR Select Online Courses?

CPR Select digital CPR and First Aid Training course provides flexible learning options and the convenience needed for professionals with demanding schedules. It allows individuals to acquire and reinforce life-saving skills at their own pace, making it an ideal choice for those balancing work commitments and pursuing crucial medical training.

By enrolling in our course, professionals from various backgrounds can enhance their readiness to handle emergencies, contributing to a safer and more secure environment in their respective workplaces. Whether you're a healthcare provider, child care professional, lifeguard, school personnel, or fitness instructor, our online training is tailored to meet the specific needs of your profession, ensuring you are well-prepared for any unforeseen medical situation that may arise.

What Is Your Refund Policy?

CPR Select has a refund policy of if you find any gap in your CPR training or certification; we offer a 100% money-back guarantee to match your expectations and satisfaction level.

Do You Offer Instant Certification?

Yes, CPR Select offers Instant Certification. After completing the CPR and Fisrt Aid Certification course, you will receive your digital certification through instant download. In addition, the official certification completion card will be shipped for free in 2-5 business days via first-class mail. You can access a copy of your valid certificate with student training information on your dashboard using a smart device.

Is Online CPR Classes Better Than In-Person CPR Classes?

Online CPR Classes are better if you have a busy schedule and don't have the time to attend in a classroom training center or blended learning course. Our online training classes offers flexible and high quality training for self-paced learning, making them suitable for those with busy lifestyles or geographical constraints.

In-person classes, on the other hand, provide hands-on practice and immediate instructor feedback, offering a more interactive experience. Ultimately, the choice depends on personal preferences, with some individuals finding online certification classes more convenient, while others may value the hands-on nature of in-person instruction.

Where Can I Find CPR Select Certification?

CPR Certificates are typically available for download or mailing through the course provider's website upon successful completion. Check your account or contact customer support for assistance.

What Is the Main Difference between Online CPR Certification and CPR and First Aid Certification?

The main difference between online CPR certification and CPR and First Aid certification is that online CPR certification usually covers CPR and AED techniques, while CPR and First Aid certification programs encompass additional lifesaving skills like wound care and basic first aid procedures.

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