Types of CPR Classes & How Much Does They Cost?

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Mandy needed a job. She loved working with children, and she knew that CPR training would be valuable in helping her land the position of her dreams. But with so little cash flow, she was reluctant to add the cost of taking CPR classes to her list of expenses. 

Many of us have been in situations similar to Mandy’s. If you are looking for CPR training to help you move forward in your career field, you may be wondering, how much does a CPR class cost? Well, read on to find out.

Types of CPR Classes

If you are thinking of taking a CPR class, the first thing you need to look about the type of training you looking for. In general, these are many types of CPR training classes offered by institutions. Some of those are:

Adult CPR: This is the simplest form of CPR and it can be learned in less than an hour. It covers basic techniques for adults, teens and children, eight years and older. It is good for those who want a general knowledge of CPR or care for an elderly adult. Automated external defibrillator (AED), training can also be included in the CPR learning course.

Pediatric CPR Classes: These are recommended for those that care for young children under the age of eight. Because young children are more delicate, the special technique needed while performing the CPR. You should be sure not to tilt the child’s head too far back and use only one hand or even just your fingers when performing chest compression.

CPR & First Aid Training: Some CPR classes will include first aid training and certification. If you choose to take this type of course, in addition to CPR, you will learn how to handle victim during the casualty, trauma or bleeding, burns and can even assist a choking person. AED training is often included as well.

Basic Life Support Classes for Health Care Providers: These CPR classes are required for all emergency medical personnel. They course covers the training of AED or common ventilation devices. If you are planning for a career in the medical field, these classes are a must.

How Much Do CPR Classes Cost?

Costs of CPR classes can vary according to the type of training classes you take and the price set by the organization offering the training. A basic adult course can start at around $20 while courses for children will be slightly higher, sometimes around $25. A course for medical professionals may be closer to $60.

However, if you are looking to save even more money, you may want to think about online CPR classes. This is a convenient way to get a CPR certification from the comfort of your own home. Those who take online CPR classes will also have the advantage of learning CPR while going at workplace.

Once you complete your online CPR classes, most institutions send online CPR certification which you can print directly from your computer. Many will also follow up by sending you a hard copy through the mail.

Key Takeaways

So, to recap, if you are looking for a CPR class and wondering how much they will cost, here are some things to keep in mind.

  • Consider what type of course you want to take. Basic courses for adults, courses for children, courses for medical professionals, CPR with AED and CPR & First Aid Training are all options you can choose from.
  • The price of your class will vary depending on the type of course you are taking and the service provider you are using.
  • Online CPR classes are generally less expensive than in person classes.