Why Learn Automated External Defibrillator (AED)?

Why Learn Automated External Defibrillator (AED)? - CPR Select

What is AED?

AED is an acronym for an automated external defibrillator is a first aid medical equipment used on patients experiencing cardiac arrest. The device is used to measure the activities and analyze the rhythm of the heart and sometimes deliver an electrical shock or defibrillation as a way of re-establishing the effective rhythm of the heart and simultaneously save lives. The American Red Cross, as well as the American Heart Association, have certified instructors and running programs that aid in the provision of online CPR AED classes which results in online AED certification.

Why do AED Certification matters?

Getting the AED certification or AED recertification puts you in a position to be able to provide the necessary help when it’s most needed. An example of this is medical emergencies like cardiac arrest. It is important for all of us to have an understanding of knowing how to and when to prepare and respond to emergencies. The AED training classes are important in the sense that they impact the learner with the necessary first aid skills that make them useful when it comes to saving lives.

It is important to realize that the sooner a cardiac arrest person is attended to, the higher the chances of survival. A large percentage of death among patients suffering from cardiac arrest occur due to delayed attendance by the medical practitioner. Every minute that patient who needs defibrillation is made to wait, their survival chances are reduced by 10%. This is why the AED certification is rendered as a necessity. Red Cross believes that out of 4 people, one should have the necessary skills of dealing with AED to save a life.

For those who already possess the certification, recertification is a necessity which is an annual necessity. There is online CPR AED recertification meant as a renewal course for the holders of the AED certificate. American Red Cross believes that the recertification component gives the professional medical practitioners a chance to earn continuing credits for the skills they have in their education.

Why Learn AED?

Most people are dying of cardiac arrest around the world due to a lack of knowledge, when it comes to CPR and the use of AED. The best way to reduce the number of deaths happening among individuals is for more people to learn the administration and performance of CPR including the AED. It is fortunate enough that these medical devices are found almost in every organization and institution. 

The use of AED is the only way that can be used to restore the heartbeat rhythm after a cardiac arrest. It is highly advisable to know and understand how to operate the devices and that is where the importance of the learning comes in. The time between the cardiac arrest occurrence and the arrival of medical practitioners determines the survival chances of the patient. The acquisition of the AED skills will put you in a perfect position to save a life.

How to get AED Certification?

With digital certification reigning this era, the acquisition of AED certification is as easy as a few clicks away. Many organizations have the ability to deliver online classes for all those who have expressed interest in taking the AED certification classes. On completing the classes, the certificates are delivered digitally in which they can be downloaded, printed and shared. More information on how the training and classes are carried out is found on the websites of prospective organizations.

The course provider should be a reliable organization that provides classes that are able to meet the teaching requirements. The teaching staff should be well designed and delivered by experts or certified personnel. The course outline is used should comply with the rules of AED certification as well as being thorough and deep.

What are the standards of AED Certifications (AHA and Red Cross)?

When it comes to reliable CPR and AED certification providers, the American heart association and Red Cross are recognized more given their in-depth online certification training to both professional medical practitioners and common people. AHA is a research organization that uses its research to root for learning among the population. They have developed regulations, rules and guidelines that give an outline of how the training courses should be delivered.in this regard, both Red Cross and AHA adhere to these rules when it comes to the deliverance of the materials and courses.

Both organizations have come up with materials and course outline that targets both the professional and common people who are in need of the skills to make them useful in their environment. Their method of deliverance juggles between in-person, online certification classes and blended-learning training classes. The difference between these two organizations is the planning of their packages online CPR AED classes.

As much as online classes are available, a complete CPR AED certification program will require the learner to attend on-site class in order for their acquired skills and knowledge to be tested and evaluated. The same is applicable to recertification and renewal classes.

Why are Online CPR Classes Better

Today, AED training are made easy thanks to the availability of online classes. The use of digital gadgets like phones and computers has ensured that each and every one has access to the CPR AED certification classes regardless of the time zone and/or schedule of availability. This has made AED certification and renewal to be conveniently delivered with effective results. Also, it had made possible for busy people with tight working schedules to be able to be part of the course.

Online certification gives you a chance to be among the few people in the world that fell comfortable while handling the cardiac arrest emergencies. There are a number of reasons as to why online CPR training is becoming a go-to option for most people. Some of the advantages of online classes can be summed up as follows:

  • The lesson plans and training are bound by time flexibility. This means that anytime you need to start a course, all you need to do is get connected to the internet on your phone or laptop and log in.
  • The classes are self-paced, this means that you can take the classes at your pace without feeling inconvenienced or dragging anyone behind.
  • Most organizations accept online certification from credible sites that have been well-curated. This makes online certification classes for CPR credible and therefore acceptable.
  • The classes are convenient in terms of location. You can take the classes from anywhere and be certified without having to go through the trouble of physical presence.


The acquisition of online CRP AED certification exposes students and learners at large on the knowledge of the device and how to use it on victims. It is important to note the different ways of using it on children and adults, the functioning of defibrillation, safety precautions and how to alternate between using AED and application of the CPR. Basically, CPR AED Certification and AED certification renewal put you in a position to be useful and save a life in case of a cardiac arrest.

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