5 Types of First Aid Courses

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First aid rescuers are needed anywhere in public in times of medical emergencies. If someone needs medical help, it can take time for emergency medical services to arrive. Providing proper medical care and first aid treatment can prolong life until the emergency services team arrives, increasing the chances of survival.Getting the right level of training for your first aid skills is essential. But with the number of different first aid training courses available, how do you know which type of first aid course you need? Below graphical representation shows the five most common first aid courses:

Different Types of First Aid Courses:

First Aid Courses

1. Basic First Aid Courses:

It includes all basic practices of first aid training and is geared for people who are not employed in places where accidents are likely to happen or in workplaces that haven’t provided specific first aid requirements.

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2. Advanced First Aid Course:

This course is best suited to managers of medical facilities or first aid employees themselves. It’s also beneficial for any employees who work in a workplace equipped with oxygen tanks, AED equipment, and masks.

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3. Marine First Aid Course:

A particular type of course in first aid, driven for those working as rescue lifeguards, sailors, ship personnel, or any other water-based professions performed on the water or at sea.

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4. First Aid for Wilderness:

This course empowers participants to provide first aid remotely in off-the-beaten-path locations. The First Aid for Wilderness course is ideal for professional field guides, hikers, mountain rescue personnel, or people who spend much time outdoors.

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5. Mental Health First Aid:

There is also a First Aid course designed for patients whose mentally health is not good. Here class participants can learn how to best support people affected by mental illness or enduring a stressful event.

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First Aid Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need to consult a physician to approve first aid supplies in my business?

According to OSHA regulations, first aid supplies do not need to be approved by a physician or medical professional before use in a business. However, it is recommended that the first aid kit supplies be selected by someone competent in first aid.

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Can over the counter medicine be put in first aid kits?

Yes. But over the counter medicine should be in single-dose, tamper-evident packages and labeled per FDA requirements. Medications that cause drowsiness should not be included in first aid kits.

How do I become a certified first aider?

To be a certified first aider, you must attend a first aid training course and successfully pass the certification exam. There are training centers like CPR Select that offer online training classes in CPR and First Aid where you can complete the entire coursework at your own pace. If you have already completed a first aid training course and your certificate is about to expire, you can enroll to first aid recertification classes to keep the validity of your certificate. Healthcare providers can also practice the BLS certification test online.

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