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How to Become a First Aid Training Instructor?

How to Become a First Aid Training Instructor- CPR SELECT


March 15, 2017

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Knowledge of first aid skills can benefit any individual during emergency. While it’s good to have a grasp on the basics by taking a first aid course, it’s even more beneficial to become a training instructor yourself. This article examines the advantages of becoming a first aid trainer as well as the ways to become certified and how to teach first aid to others.

Why You Should Become a First Aid Training Instructor?

In addition to regular training, it’s a smart idea to receive first aid certification as an instructor as well. When there are a greater number of first aid instructors in the world, they can teach life-saving skills to more people, giving a wider audience the tools they need to help in an emergency. It’s well worth it to become an expert in the skills required to save lives or help someone who is injured, and completing first aid training to become an instructor is a great use of your time and resources.

It’s beneficial to become a first aid training instructor so that you can pass your knowledge on to others. You can easily join a first aid online course for instructors and learn basic life-saving skills, becoming an ambassador in your place of work. You can also use your first aid trainer certification to teach courses to other people in your organization. You can also lead first aid to groups through community centers, churches, schools, or become a qualified instructor to teach a first aid course to corporate groups or to people who are required to know first aid for their jobs.

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How to Become a Certified First Aid Instructor?

There are a variety of ways to complete training, such as an in-person first aid course at a hospital or health center, or another community organization. These courses give you all of the materials you need to obtain your certification and include hands-on training techniques which are beneficial for people who prefer a physical style of learning.

If you are required to complete first aid training for your job, your employer may bring an instructor on-site, or you might take one off-site course on your own and your company will cover the costs of the course. Many organizations opt to send one or two employees to obtain first aid instructor certification so they can return to the workplace and teach the course to other employees at no cost.

Another option for completing first aid instructor training is to take an online course. This type of first aid certification is  an accessible option for people in remote areas where on-site courses are not readily available, or for people whose busy schedule lends itself to independent training. Many organizations offer online first aid certification, however, when searching for a first aid course to take, ensure that your training includes nationally accredited materials and that the course is OSHA and ECC-compliant and follows AR and AHA/ILCOR guidelines for the best quality and most up to date training. Online CPR/AED and First Aid courses can be completed quickly and are often less costly than on-site courses are.

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How to Teach Others as a First Aid Instructor?

Once you’ve obtained your first aid instructor training, you can pass your knowledge on to other people. You may offer to teach family and friends and increase the first aid skills of the people you know. Another option is to teach first aid training to your co-workers, which may be under the direction of your employer. A third option is to sign up to teach classes at a community center or partner with an organization that offers first aid training to the general public.

A Final Word on First Aid Education

Obtaining first aid training is an excellent skill for anyone to have, and upgrading your course to become a first aid instructor is even more beneficial when it comes to educating others and reaching a larger audience with your knowledge. Training is easy for anyone to complete and will give you all of the tools you need to save lives and teach the required skills to the people in the community around you.

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