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CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) is an essential skill in saving lives. When someone is unconscious, without a pulse and not breathing; CPR needs to be done as fast as possible. It could be in a case where they are in cardiac arrest or a drowning accident. If they don’t receive CPR within the first two minutes, their chances of survival reduce. In that case, it also means the person can get brain damage because of a lack of blood flow to the brain. CPR involves compressing the chest and the heart to enhance blood supply to the brain.

Some people ignore taking the CPR classes because they think it’s a waste of time, and it’s not essential considering they can use mouth-to-mouth technique to save a life. The mouth- to mouth is simple to apply and doesn’t need a certificate to perform it. However, the bad news is that the mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on its own is not effective in cases of sudden cardiac arrest.

With the advancement of technology, things have changed rapidly in all sectors. You don’t have to go through the hustle of creating time for physical CPR classes as you can easily enroll for an online CPR certification course. Many differences exist between traditional online terms but with a common aim: to equip the learner with skills to save lives in case of an emergency. With that said, there are several questions one should ask her/himself when enrolling for these online CPR classes.

Basic Questions to Ask When Taking an Online CPR Class

Your needs should be what guides you when choosing an online CPR class. For that matter, you should ensure it meets your job specifications, whether they are related to children under your care or have specific medical issues like there are high chances of cardiac arrest. For other reasons, you can take online classes for your interest.

  1. Test? There should be a test, particularly when you need to show your employers your certificate. In most cases, you get and pay for your certificate when you have passed the required tests. If you fail, you retake the test until you pass. You should know whether the site offering the course allows retaking of the test if you fail or pay for another class to do the test again.
  2. Is the instructor certified? You should be able to know if your instructor is certified to teach you the course or not. You should not pay for such a class even if it is the cheapest you can find. You must get a skill from a recognized site or organization.
  3. Which instructional tool do you need? CPR is more of a practical class, and hence when taking the online course, there are some essential tools you should have to grab and master the skill correctly. You need a dummy for the class since you can’t master a skill by just watching a video clip.

Getting answers to your questions, you need to look for a quality site from where you can get your skill. Not an ordinary but world-class organization is offering the course.

Getting Your Online Class

Many CPR online classes are available and offered by many hospitals, ambulance services, fire departments, community colleges, and community health centers. All organizations have incorporated online teaching programs to cater to those who have little time to attend physical classes and those at the international level. With that said, it doesn’t mean that all of the CPR classes are all the same.

In the majority of the states, a single agency or institution cannot accredit a CPR class. But any individual or commercial can offer some training and provide a certificate to prove you are fully accredited. Most US employers accept accreditation from the national safety council, American heart association, and American red cross. You should be able to talk to your employers before taking any of the online CPR classes.

Most of these online classes are free and only charge a minimal fee to cater for your certificate. Most of the online CPR course charges range between $15 to $50. These online classes cannot equip you with the level of confidence required when saving a life during a life-threatening situation because the online courses lack teaching devices and hand-on instructions.

Benefits of Being CPR Certified

CPR is a lifesaving skill that empowers people every day to become heroes and heroines that allows them to renew a person who has gone into cardiac arrest. These benefits include:

  1. Increasing the number of CPR individuals who are needed: More than 12million people train on CPR skills annually, but this number is not yet enough. Anyone can get cardiac arrest at any anywhere without their consent. Nevertheless, a CPR certified person can help someone with cardiac arrest before an emergency escalate. One of the good things about CPR is that anyone can learn it. It doesn’t matter whether you are a student, parent, or child; CPR is a skill meant for everyone to save lives. Knowledge has power, and CPR certified gives you the technical skill and know-how in saving lives. You can be of great importance in helping firefighter, police, and EMS in cases of emergency.
  2. When you are a CPR certified, you become valuable in your office: In case one of your workmates goes into cardiac arrest in a break room, what will you do? When you are a CPR certified, you can help and provide immediate support needed to save the person’s life. CPR skills make you exceptional from others, and it makes you valuable in the office. Those who can dedicate their time to learn these skills of saving life can include it in their portfolio.
  3. Make a difference for cardiac victims: Exceptionally few people can carry out the CPR skill correctly when cardiac arrest happens where it’s a significant problem. Cardiac arrest makes the heart stop beating suddenly. When this happens, the blood doesn’t flow to the brain and other parts of the body. Thus, if the cardiac arrest victim is not attended immediately, not less than two minutes, the person can lose his/her life. Statistics show that 92% of cardiac arrest victims barely make to the hospital alive. With immediate CPR, a half can reduce this number, and more cardiac victims can survive. Having a CPR certification can make a difference in the family, and you could help increase the cardiac victim’s chances to stay.
  4. Help save someone’s life: Let look at the statistic from America heart association to have a better understanding of the impact of CPR in cases of emergencies, consider the following:
    • Nearly 70% of people cannot help in cases of emergencies because they do not have CPR skills, or their CPR certification has lapsed.
    • Bystanders tend to help 32% of the cardiac arrest victims with CPR.
    • Most cardiac arrest cases happen at home, which means those people you love can be the victims.
    • More cardiac arrest cases happen outside of a hospital with more than 359,000 emergency cases.
    • A cardiac arrest victim’s chances to survive are gradually reduced to about 7% to 10 % when CPR and defibrillation are not carried out immediately.

When one is equipped with CPR skills, you can help reduce the loss of life in cases of emergencies. Performing CPR can help maintain brain functionality in a cardiac arrest situation. Knowing how to carry out the CPR procedure allows you to supply oxygen to a cardiac arrest victim, where you increase the chances of the victim’s blood to flow throughout the entire body.

  1. You will learn how to use AED (Automated external defibrillator): An AED is a device that can be used during a cardiac arrest emergency. The tool analyzes the heart rhythm and provides a shock to the heart to restore the heart rhythm.

It is only during CPR training where you can earn how to use the AED device. It helps you save a life in case of an emergency by learning how to use it effectively. Being a CPR certified is crucial at all levels of experiences, and any individual is encouraged to enroll in online CPR classes.

Any individual must be certified with CPR because you can save the life of a close friend, relative, or workmate. Even though the online CPR AED certification may not equip you fully with the required skills due to the lack of learning resources, it better to have the know-how of carrying out CPR to save a life. Sparing some hours to learn CPR can be of great importance, even in your portfolio.


CPR certification is a concise course that you can learn by dedicating some hours of your time and impacting the world. CPR isn’t expensive in terms of fees, as only a small fee is charged to cater for the card. Other organizations offer the course free of charge to educate as many people to save many lives globally.

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