CPR Recertification: How To Renew CPR Card?

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We all know how important it is to get CPR certified. But did you know that CPR certification needs to be updated and renewed every two years? That’s right! If it has been more than a year since you’ve had your current certification, it’s time for you to refresh your Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation skills and knowledge by taking CPR renewal classes. CPR is a skill for life, and to stay current with the latest and most effective lifesaving technique, it is essential to renew and update your certification.

The American Heart Association with the American Red Cross has led the initiative of keeping CPR performance standards and guidelines as up-to-date as possible. In this blog, we’re taking a closer look at the CPR recertification process. We also review a few reasons why you should consider online CPR renewal.

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Why Should I Take CPR Recertification Class?

Renewing your CPR certification is essential for many reasons. If you are a healthcare provider or medical professional, you may be required to renew your certification as part of a job requirement. Also, renewing the certificate will ensure that you respond immediately in cardiac emergencies and provide CPR correctly to increase the chances of survival for the victim.

CPR skills that are not used will start to rust after about six months of the initial training. However, if you constantly renew the certificate, you will always know the latest American Heart Association guidelines and proper techniques to perform the lifesaving skill correctly.

In addition, more research is being done that leads to discoveries for a more effective CPR procedure. The recertification for CPR will ensure you know the correct and updated procedure for performing CPR in any emergency. Maintaining your CPR Card is crucial to keeping your standing with the American Heart Association for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Emergency Cardiovascular Care. You can stay current on your training to give the best possible emergency CPR delivery when needed.

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How To Renew My CPR Card?

CPR renewal is obtained by completing a CPR recertification course. Your employer may pay for your training if your job requires CPR knowledge. For example, lifeguards may have their training covered and renewal courses provided at their pool. Some employers will also maintain your expiration records to ensure you have the training when you need it.

There are three different options for you to renew your CPR certification. These are online training, blended, and in a classroom setting. Let’s take a look at each of these options.

1. Online Courses:

A CPR renewal online is a course that contains a series of modules and online training videos followed by a certification exam that You can access on a PC, laptop, or any mobile device. Online courses are a perfect option, if you don’t have time to attend classroom training because of your busy schedule. The online certification class can be completed at your pace, anytime, anywhere. After passing the recertification exam, you will receive your digital certification card online that you can download CPR card and print instantly. In addition, if you choose a course such as CPR Select, you will receive a free hard copy of your wallet card by mail. Online Certifications are recognized by most employers worldwide.

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2. CPR Classroom Courses:

Another option is to attend a classroom recertification course. This is a traditional course taught in person by a CPR instructor. The hands-on training format is more personalized and can involve many teaching methods. An in-person instructor can teach the same topic in many ways to ensure every student fully understands the concept. Most CPR classes are in a single, full-day format, so it won’t be for busy professionals who cannot take a day off.

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3. Blended Learning:

Blended training is a combination of online and classroom courses. You can complete your CPR recertification online, followed by an in-person hands-on skill evaluation. After completing your CPR recertification course and skills evaluation, you will receive a CPR card. This card shows you completed both items. It is widely accepted as equivalent to classroom training because of the hands-on practice.

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What Do I Need to Know About CPR Recertification?

You can obtain CPR Certificates through local hospitals, your YMCA branch, and some local community health and training centers. Look for programs in your area or consider a recognized CPR renewal online for a more convenient option you can complete at any time.

Each training program may have different expiration dates for their CPR cards, and your CPR/AED recertification needs to depend on the date given by the course. Check your CPR card provided by the program for the expiration date, or contact the institution where you completed your training to confirm the date if it is not listed on your card. Keep in mind that no matter what your training program specifies as the expiration date, the American Red Cross considers your CPR card invalid after one year from the training completion date.

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What to do if My CPR Certification Has Expired?

If your certification is over 30 days expired, you are no longer eligible to take an online recertification for CPR or challenge course. Instead, you will need to retake an entire certification course either in-person or online. Performing CPR without valid certification can leave you vulnerable to lawsuits or expose you to possible criminal charges, making keeping your CPR card and training up to date even more important.

Whether you need CPR certification for work or wish to have it for personal reasons, it’s crucial to stay on top of your CRP card renewal to ensure you’re updated on the proper certification. It’s also critical to maintain your knowledge and always be ready to perform CPR if you witness a cardiac arrest emergency. Never assume you’ve set for life because you had CPR training before.

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Maintaining your CPR certification status is just one of the ways to stay on top of your medical training and awareness so that you are prepared to save lives in any situation. Renew your CPR card with First aid and CPR/AED recertification to ensure that you’re prepared in any event where medical attention is required.

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