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Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) certification is a process that involves completing a designated CPR course in an authorized training organization. Your CPR card is something that you don’t want to lose. Losing it could mean not being able to start your new job or being able to go back to work, as this is one of the employment requirements in most industries. In this article, we’ll teach you how you can get a CPR replacement card.

Who Has Access To a CPR Replacement Card?

The American Heart Association Training Center where you received your CPR training is responsible for issuing a CPR replacement card if a card is lost, destroyed, or otherwise becomes unusable. You must submit all requests for duplicate or replacement cards directly to the Training Center that issued the original card. They may charge a fee for reissuing a card.

CPR Replacement Card

How to Get a CPR Replacement Card?

If you lost your CPR certification card, don’t panic. There’s a way for you to get a CPR replacement card. All you have to do is remember some details like where did you take your CPR class. Try to recall if you have downloaded and printed your CPR certification card online or if it was delivered to you by your training provider.

Digital Certification Card

You probably received your card via email from your Training Center and already claimed it. So before you reach out to your CPR training provider to request a new card, try to run a few searches in your inbox to ensure you didn’t overlook the email with the link to access your digital certification. The email may have come directly from the Training Center’s email. Run a search with the name or email address of their organization.

Physical CPR Card

Most training centers provide a physical CPR or BCLS card after completing the certification course. So to get a replacement of your physical CPR completion card, you must contact your training center to ask for a replacement Print Card.

If you don’t remember the information of your CPR training provider, you may ask your friend or coworker who took the class with you. You can find the contact information on the back of their card. If your employer made the arrangements for the course, they should have the Training Center’s contact information. If you weren’t able to get a response from your CPR training provider, you may email the American Heart Association and include the following information:

  • Name of Training Center
  • City and State
  • Details of your request
CPR Replacement Card

How to Look Up for AHA Certificates?

Looking up an AHA Certification or eCard is super easy. The American Heart Association uses digital certification cards. To look up a certification, you need to go to the AHA web page and input your first, last, and email address to search. You can also look up your certification by searching with your eCard code directly if you know it.

CPR Select also offers a tool to let you verify and download all your Certifications and Printable Wallet Cards. Enter your Security Control Number and Email Address to Verify and Download your Certificate.

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What Are My Options if I Can’t Get a CPR Replacement Card?

If you have already followed the steps mentioned above and you still have not gotten a replacement for your lost card, you have two options:

1. Enroll in a new CPR class with the AHA:

You can enroll in a new CPR course with the American Heart Association to receive a new CPR card. Unfortunately, acquiring a new American Heart Association CPR certification is no discounted option, even though you still have a year and a half on your current certification. You have to start with a new course and get a new certificate.

CPR Replacement Card

2. Enroll in a new CPR class with another training center:

Another option is to take a new course with a nationally recognized company like CPR Select that keeps a record of your training. So whether you need an old card from 10 years ago or a copy of your current certification that you lost, CPR Select always has a record of your training!

It would be inconvenient to lose your wallet card or CPR certificate, especially after working hard to earn them. That’s why CPR Select makes it so simple to get a wallet card and CPR certificate. They will confirm your details and send a copy to your mailing address within 2-5 business days, and an emailed copy will arrive in minutes.

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Do I Have to Pay Full Price if I Take Another Class?

If you need an American Heart Association CPR card and couldn’t get a replacement after doing everything, you have no choice but to pay the full price. We understand that no one wants to pay the full price to get a new card, especially if you still have a year left on your lost CPR card. That’s why we offer a more accessible and more affordable way to get a new CPR card at CPR Select. In addition, you can complete our online CPR/AED certification and CPR recertification course at your own pace. In addition, we keep a record of your training so you won’t be in this situation again.

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Key Takeaways:

If you completed your CPR certification with an American Heart Association training center, you qualify for a CPR replacement card and CPR certificate if you ever lose them. Here are some key takeaway from this post:

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