How to Renew Your CPR Certification?

How to Renew Your CPR Certification? - CPR Select

Similar to any other talent, CPR skills are likely to rust with time. For a person who is not in regular practice, the skills and knowledge learned at the first training depreciate drastically within a year. For this reason, the CPR certification is only valid for up to two years, after which there is a need for renewal. Thus, renewing CPR certification is the most appropriate way.

Who Can Get Re-certified?

CPR re-certification applies to persons whose CPR certifications have expired. In most jobs, a person with an outdated CPR certificate should get a renewal within 6 months from the expiry date.

Anyone with a CPR certificate can easily get re-certified. It applies to people who wish to acquire the relevant knowledge and skills. It is also applicable to persons in emergency health response and other health practitioners.

Why Is It Crucial to Renew Your CPR Certification? 

  • There are constant changes in the field of CPR. The AHA (American Heart Association) often publishes new guidelines on the performance of CPR as different changes occur frequently in the healthcare field. The new guidelines come to play with ongoing research in the area. With a timely renewal of CPR certification, you are at par with any are in the AHA guidelines.
  • It offers individuals an opportunity to refresh their CPR skills. Research suggests that a person is hardly capable of performing CPR after a year of training. The process of performing CPR is susceptible as it can easily cost a life. Forgetting or leaving out some crucial details can easily compromise on the procedure.
  • It is also an essential professional requirement for a person to renew their certificate upon expiry. An outdated certificate is as good as not having one. To benefit from your CPR certification, you need to update the same.

How Do You Go About Renewing Your CPR Certification Online:

The process of online CPR re-certification is simple.

  • The procedure involves registration for the online course for which you wish to get CPR recertification. The online CPR\AED certification is among many other programs a person can undertake concerning first aid care.
  • Review the online certification course content from your home and take the required assessment. In CPR renewal, an individual has to go through the course content. They, however, have an advantage over the new members because as they refresh their skills, some of the content might remain similar over the years. The course structure suits people of low literacy levels. The course content is simplified and easy to grasp.
  • Instantly print your certificate. Alternatively have the document shipped to your location the same day. The program is pertinent in cases where a person is in urgent need of the certification.

The program is easy and straightforward as it can take a few hours to study a single course. It takes up to a day to train and get re-certified.

Where To Get Your Online CPR Certification

Various sites are offering online CPR certification where you can get your renewal certification (as per the AHA and ECC/ILCOR regulations). Among them is the AHA, the Red Cross, CPR Select and many more.

The CPR Select is the best online CPR certification and CPR renewal program among other first aid courses. Here you will get a flexible schedule that will equip you with all the CPR and first aid skills of your choice and guaranteed 100% money back. The certification is nationally accepted. They also follow the most current guidelines and their programs are in line with the National Emergency Response Organization Standard. The also complies with Emergency Cardiovascular Care and OSHA 1910.1030(g)(2).


Skills in first aid and CPR ate very importantly to an individual. Accidents and health-related emergencies occur all the time. Whether it is the life of a loved one or a stranger, a certified CPR person will make the difference. Rusted skills will not give you the essential confidence to save a life. The online CPR recertification at CPR Select is affordable, with costs of $19.95 for health professionals and $34.95 Community and workplace Basic.

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