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How To Recognize Heart Attack Symptoms In Women

How To Recognize Heart Attack Symptoms In Women- CPR SELECT


December 4, 2017

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When we hear about a heart attack, a vivid image comes to mind where the victim cries out in agony while they clutch their chest and left arm before collapsing to the ground. Did you know that, in many cases, a heart attack looks nothing like this? In fact, the victim of a heart attack often does not even know that they’re having one, especially in women.

Heart Attack Symptoms in Women

Women experience a very different set of heart attack symptoms than men do. Women’s heart attack symptoms include:

  • Shortness of breath even without being physically active.
  • Pain in one or both arms.
  • Jaw and neck pain.
  • Stomach discomfort
  • Pressure in the upper abdomen or the center of the chest. This type of pain may persist or may come and go.
  • Nausea or vomiting, dizziness, lightheadedness, and breaking into a cold sweat.
  • Extreme fatigue with no explicable cause.

Just like men, the main symptom of a heart attack in women is chest pain; however, its more common for women to have other symptoms that accompany the pain, mainly shortness of break, jaw or neck pain, and nausea.

Women often don’t think they are at risk of having a heart attack, making the mistake of assuming that it’s a men’s health concern, even though heart disease is the leading cause of death in women in the United States. Heart attacks in women are especially distressing because when a woman doesn’t know that she’s having one, she won’t seek medical attention. Failure to get help right away is what leads to fatal outcomes.

When a woman has a heart attack, she must call 911 right away, or have another bystander to do it for her. Emergency medical staff will take her to the nearest hospital to get her the life-saving help she needs.

The Benefit of CPR Certification:

Even without a doctor present, a heart attack victim can survive if they are lucky to be in the presence of someone having knowledge of CPR. When one have earned CPR certification, he/she will have the skills and knowledge needed to save a life when it matters most.

Some of the best reasons to complete a CPR course include:

  • Being able to recognize heart attack and cardiac arrest symptoms.
  • Learning the tools needed to assess a situation safely.
  • Understanding what the best emergency protocol is for treating a heart attack victim while waiting for emergency assistance.
  • Learning how to perform CPR and when it is needed.
  • Learning how to operate an AED and understanding when it’s required.

Whether it’s a job requirement or you have a personal interest in learning CPR, taking a CPR course will teach you critical life skills that are invaluable in an emergency. Knowing proper CPR techniques gives you the confidence you need to act quickly and effectively when you witness someone having a heart attack.

There are several options for taking a CPR course, either in person at local health organization, hospital, or community center, or by completing an online CPR class. Online learning allows you to gain all the benefit of CPR certification and earn your nationally-accepted credentials from the convenience of your home or office. In about an hour you can receive your CPR certification without having in to leave home.

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