The Comprehensive Guide to CPR and First Aid Training: What You'll Learn

CPR and first aid training courses are all about getting ready for unexpected and tragic situations. The practice offers the skills and understanding necessary to deal with life-threatening emergencies. CPR AED certification online helps interested persons attain the basic knowledge required in attending to cardiac arrest emergencies.

CPR and first aid courses encompass different lifesaving skills. CPR applies to persons who have experienced cardiac arrest are unable to breathe CPR. On the other-hand First aid helps assist a person who has been injured.

Importance of CPR and First Aid Training

Basic first aid and CPR are invaluable skills because they allow you to provide medical care and help injured people until emergency medical services arrive. You’ll never know when an emergency will occur and who will be affected. A variety of emergency medical situations may require CPR, including suffocation, smoke inhalation, cardiac arrest, heart attack, near-drownings, accidents, choking, and poisonings. With proper CPR training, you can begin administering CPR to the cardiac arrest victim right away to increase the chance of survival.

The importance of being capable of responding in an emergency is hard to overestimate, but the most significant benefits include:

  • Knowledge of life saving skills
  • Creates confidence and willingness to respond in an emergency
  • Encourages a healthier and safer community

Who should get CPR and First Aid Training?

Healthcare providers, emergency responders, and public safety professionals aren’t the only ones required to have CPR and first aid training. Anyone can get CPR and First aid training through online courses whether you need the certification for employment requirements or you want to learn basic lifesaving skills. Police officers, security guards, nursing home employees, daycare staff, lifeguards, flight attendants, corrections officers, labor workers, and teachers are also required to have basic CPR and First aid training.

cpr and first aid training

What you will learn in CPR and First Aid Training?

During the CPR and First aid training program, you will learn how to deal with a wide range of medical emergencies within the community or in the workplace. Training may include the following:

Laws and Safety Regarding CPR

CPR/AED and First Aid course encompass information on the role of the emergency service provider. During the online CPR training, you are taken through the signs to watch out for patients suffering from heart disease. It also entails information on how to assess unresponsive persons. The program also involves the universal precautions essential in emergencies. It trains on the importance of taking personal safety measures when attending to emergencies.

You will also learn the safety measure needed to have in place, including protective barriers when attending to an emergency. These days, Online CPR certification CPR recertification classes also offer skills in the chain of survival and the Good Samaritan laws and regulations. In addition, an individual acquires skills and knowledge on how to work in a team and coordinate teams for effective delivery.

Knowledge of CPR and How To Learn CPR Skills

The CPR AED certification online course offers an in-depth understanding of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and its different types. People undertaking the course learn what CPR is and what it aims at achieving. It is inclusive of the concept behind the administration of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation. You also attain information on how CPR saves lives by restoring breathing and blood circulation. Persons learn how to offer quality CPR to save lives. You will go through the different stages of delivering CPR like:

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People taking the online CPR training classes like infant cpr class online get the privilege to learn the different types of CPR, which are mainly dependent on the nature of patients. You will also learn how to perform CPR on infants, children, and adults. People taking the course also know how to place unresponsive breathing persons for adequate recovery.

CPR for Choking Person

CPR to Treat Choking Victim

The CPR and First Aid training also cover treating the victim choking in both conscious and unconscious conditions. Individuals are also equipped with proficiency and aptitudes to help different choking persons such as infants, children, and adults.

The Use of AED

Automated External Defibrillator (AED) is also part of this course. People learn the skills and knowledge of operating the device. In this course, people learn when and how to use the AED. CPR/ AED certification also entails how to use the AED tool on infants, children, and adults.

First Aid Training

First aid is broad as individuals learn how to handle different accidental emergencies. Persons are equipped with skills to relieve suffering and prevent further injury to the victim. It involves necessary expertise in managing different first aid situations such as hypothermia, frostbites, heat-related illness, stroke, seizure, broken bones, muscle injuries, poisoning burns, and bleeding. Persons learn effective handling of people suffering from any of the above. They also learn how to contain the conditions and offer relief to the patient. First aid training also covers dealing with injuries on different body parts depending on the severity.

First Aid certification entails the recognition of different types of injuries. It also covers assessing the mental status of persons involved in accidents. One also learns when and how to move injured persons during emergencies. In addition, an individual knows how to identify persons with difficulty in inhaling and assist them in restoring normal breathing.

Frequently Asked Questions About CPR and First Aid Training

Q1. How is basic life support different from first aid?

CPR and First Aid courses are designed for non-medical personnel, while Basic Life Support or BLS is for healthcare providers and medical professionals. Anyone can take BLS if they’d like to undergo more advanced medical training.

Q2. Is CPR certification free?

Training centers provide free CPR and First Aid training, but they will not provide you certificate or completion card.

Q3. Should I take a CPR and first aid certification course online or in person?

Taking online classes is the easiest way to receive your CPR certification card. In addition, online training is ideal if you are a health care worker or other busy professionals who do not have time to attend in person skills sessions. Most CPR certification classes take only a few hours to complete.

Q4. What is the correct ventilation rate for CPR?

According to the American Heart Association, the correct rate for CPR is 30 chest compressions at a rate of 100-120 per minute with one rescue breath (mouth to mouth breathing) every 6 seconds.


As per the American Heart Association report, strangers worldwide save 45.5% of cardiac arrest patients through Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation. Through online training, a person delivering any form of first aid is confident enough to do their best. Various training centers provide flexible training options and learning styles such as traditional classroom settings, in-person training, blended learning, and online CPR training, where you will receive the training material online and study at your own pace. CPR completion cards will be given to you instantly upon successful completion of the online training. It’s essential to ensure that the CPR certification training center follows the American Red Cross, American Heart Association for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, and Emergency Cardiovascular Care guidelines.

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